China’s One-Child Policy (NHD Documentary) (Samantha Lowe & Bailey Griffin)

China’s One-Child Policy and its Effect on Asia’s Land and Life
By Samantha Lowe and Bailey Griffin
Senior Team Documentary

We chose the topic of China’s One-Child Policy for our project because we feel that it is important as women to be aware of the topics that are concerning our rights. China’s One-Child Policy is a huge, controversial topic regarding the reproductive rights of women. Not only does the policy affect Chinese women, but everyone else around the world. The policy is a piece of history that we feel everyone should be aware of.
To begin conducting research on our topic, we utilized the internet to find sources that were useful to our project. We searched specifically for primary sources, such as interviews and articles from people living in China and affected personally by the One-Child Policy. We found informational articles that were important in our project, as well as several newspaper articles that were essential due to the valuable information on the topic. After the background research was thoroughly completed, we searched for specific people to give us insight on what life was like. We found two people to interview for our documentary; one was a woman, born and raised in Hong Kong, witnessing the effects on the population. The other interviewee was an educator who has traveled to China on several occasions, witnessing what effects the policy had on the people of the country. Both of the interviews were not only vital to the documentary, but expanded our knowledge of the topic.
We needed to acquire several skills in order to put together our project. Firstly, we developed skills to be able to differentiate between primary and secondary sources. The primary sources have proven to be more useful. Another skill we learned was how to interview people properly. We learned how to come up with questions that were answerable, but that would also ultimately help us in our project. The final skill we needed to learn was video skills. We had to learn how to video tape the interview to make the quality as good as possible. We also needed to learn how to put the video together and learn what effects would enhance the video and make it as high-quality as we could.
The One-Child Policy altered China for years and continues to affect it today, influencing the lives of those in China, as well as the entire world. When the Chinese government introduced the Policy, Chinese culture, social life, and economy were all affected. The Policy was radical and was a sharp turning point in history, due to the immediate effect it had on the life and the land.
When beginning research on China’s One Child-Policy, we had little knowledge about China, let alone the details about the Policy, even though it was immensely influential. We did not know how important the Policy is to the rest of the world. Before starting research on the topic, we thought that it was a turning point involving women’s reproductive rights. We know now that it affected so much more than just women and their reproductive rights.
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