RUSH S&A Tour – Concert Tech Documentary – Part 1/6

RUSH S&A Tour - Concert Tech Documentary - Part 1/6

57 minute High Definition documentary from the HD canadian satellite channel ‘RUSH HD’. I always thought it would be cool to see a Rush program on a channel called “Rush HD” and it finally happened !

Be sure to watch in “High Quality” if your internet connection can handle the stream. This is a direct digital transfer, uploaded to YouTube in HQ resolution and sound.

The program takes you behind the scenes with Brad Madix, Brent Carpenter, and Howard Ungerleider showing you all the technical aspects of putting Rush on stage in a venue, night after night. You will be AMAZED at how much work goes into it, and how much pride & care. You’ll learn about stage assembly, rigging lights, cables, mixing consoles, speakers, setting the sound, the roadie lifestyle, and the inside of the tour busses. The guys are amazingly candid and fun, allowing the camera crew to chase them all day long. They obviously love what they do.

“in 5….4….3….2….1….and roll !!”

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